About Us

This is a place to BE BRIGHT.

Dedicated. Driven. Moving forward.

This event is designed to make an impact on you, your business, and simply the way you do life.

What will you get from this event?

Not only will you hear from powerful, local speakers, but you will be surrounded by a network of people that want to achieve the very best for themselves—and that is contagious. You will hear stories of success and get the most up-to-date sales techniques that will instantly affect the way you doing business. No matter who you are or what you do, Be Bright will give you the hands-on tools to immediately walk away and make a difference. This event will be loud, empowering, and bright! This is not an event just to motivate you, hype you up, and send you on your way. It will encourage you and teach you how to live your best life, your bright life, right now. There will be food included, snacks, vendors, and more.

What is Be Bright?

Be Bright is the first ever (locally created and hosted) Sales & Success seminar. Drawing from inspiration in attending many events and venues, Jared Ritter (Event Producer and local Realtor with Bright Blazer Broker & Co of Ritter Real Estate) wanted to bring something to the local Southeast Missouri area with just as much potential. The event is designed to be energetic and content-packed, learning from many successful and local entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and the simply amazing people with a heart to change the world. Ritter wants attendees to walk-away after the conference with new tools that they can immediately take away to positively change their profession, future ambitions, and overall lifestyle. This is more than an event. This is a place for a community of like-minded individuals to call their home, to gather in one area and feel empowered, with permission granted to achieve their goals and not be ashamed for it. This is a place to be bright.

Why is it important?

Society and our lives are demanding. Our time is precious, and we are constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. How can we do continue moving forward in life without being filled back up ourselves? Be Bright is the event to do just that. Staying comfortable and exactly where you are is the most dangerous thing you do to yourself and your family. It is time to ditch old ways of doing life and experience how you can develop the very best possible you there can be. You will never gain anything in this world without investing in yourself. You are the most important investment that you can make. Make sure you claim your seat.

Meet Jared Ritter

Event Producer

Jared Ritter is a Cape Girardeau native and devoted to the local community. He is the Broker/Owner of Ritter Real Estate, a rapidly growing real estate brokerage in the Southeast Missouri area. Jared currently leads over 35 Realtors and more are quickly joining. He has also served on the Board of Education for Cape Public Schools for the last 6 years, serves on the local board for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and attends the Cape Chamber of Commerce events regularly. Jared owns several investment and commercial properties throughout the Cape Girardeau area and actively seeks to improve the community by restoring homes in need of repair. He and his team have renovated over 50 homes in Cape, Jackson, and Scott City. Jared also offers support to local business owners through coaching and mentorship. He is passionate about helping everyone around him achieve their goals and find success in life personally, professionally, and financially.